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Camp Champ als leistungsfähige Cateringstation
Camp Champ as a show kitchen
The Cateringstation


Thanks to the functional design, the materials used and the professional equipment, the Camp Champ kitchen is the perfect for an Show kitchen, catering station or crux of cooking programs.


The Camp Champ's mobile cooking station gives you the opportunity to present your business to your guests in a refreshingly new way.


Professional cooking station

The unusual worktop height of the Camp Champ kitchen block ensures a clear separation between guest and working side. Together with the insensitive, food-safe and flame-retardant coating, the disinfect able work surface and the industrial and commercial grade pressure regulator used in the gas stove Camp Champ predestined itself as the ideal show and catering kitchen.

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Camp Champ cooking island with room for more than one cook
Camp Champ cooking station in catering operation

Perfect toolset

To ensure that your cooking project succeeds masterfully, the Camp Champ kitchen box comes as a standard with a 4-burner high-performance stove and cooking equipment on gastronomy level. The equipment is optimally matched to each other and ergonomically, clearly and within reach positioned inside the kitchen so that you can concentrate fully on your work.



For transportation the Camp Champ kitchen unit is folded up into a portable cube including the platform and the equipment. Therefore, you can easily transport it to your customers or to a filming location. Once you set up your cooking station in a few simple steps, you can start cooking immediately.

Camp Champ as a cooking station for guided off-road tours
Camp Champ as a cooking island for private cooking at the Steeg

A change of perspective

The Camp Champ portable kitchen solution add mobility to your business. Whether cooking show, cooking duel, Wilderness Cooking School, show chef, off-road caterer, tour operator, tour guide for four-wheel travel or private chef - your Camp Champ field kitchen brings new opportunities in every project.


That's the way it has to be

Preparation, disposition, recipes, structure, weather, customer wishes. You have a lot to think about. But you can always rely on your Camp Champ kitchen system and it's equipment - one thing less to worry about.


Camp Champ makes room for the extraordinary
Camp Champ as field kitchen for a TV set

Be Different

Thanks to its mobility and functional structure, Camp Champ gives you new outstanding opportunities for your company. How could you use it in a sensational way?

Catering am Steg mit Camp Champ Küche


Camp Champ's portable kitchen gives you the opportunity to present yourself to your guests in a refreshingly new way.

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Film & Televison

Camp Champ, a new star is born



The free sky kitchen


Heritage & Design

Die noble Field Kitchen

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