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Die tragbare Camp Champ Kochinsel erlaubt überall gediegenes Kochen
The Camp Champ impresses with its timeless design
The portable heritage kitchen


Time is precious: The famous mobile field kitchen Camp Champ, a tribute to the "Golden Age of Exploration" invites you to take the time to cook properly in the outdoors and enjoy the result. With this kitchen, cooking is an experience for all the senses. This extraordinary piece of kitchen furniture is the center of communication, cooking and experiencing.

The lovely Camp Champ kitchen gives you the welcome opportunity to escape your daily routine for a while, to enjoy and live in the moment.


Special honors

As manufacturer of mobile outdoor kitchens for upscale travel needs, it was a very special accolade to be invited to the Diamond Jubilee of the Rolls-Royce Enthusiast's Club in England in the magnificent gardens of the Burghley House, to introduce our beautiful field kitchen and to be presented in the appropriate splendor band. As it turned out, the grand Camp Champ kitchen integrated seamlessly into the sophisticated ambiance and was perceived as the premier class of field kitchens.

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Camp Champ is the premier class of field kitchens
Camp Champ was featured in the RREC annual book

Campaign Style Travel

Our kitchen was designed as an exemplary homage to the "Golden Age of Exploration", as travels and expeditions often took some years and led into unknown territories. In these times Travel equipment not only had to be beautiful and functional, but also robust and extremely durable. Camp Champ sees itself as an excellent reference to the opulently equipped expedition furniture of a bygone era and pays tribute both to the inventiveness of the time and the quality standards.


No enjoyment is temporary - because the impression it left is lasting.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Camp Champ is, of course, first and foremost a kitchen, and indeed an outstanding one, but in addition to enjoying cooking and then dining in the open air, the Camp Champ kitchenette offers more aspects to enjoy.

Camp Champ complements your hobby with a cooking solution
The Camp Champ cuisine fits well in demanding surroundings

More than just the sum of all parts

Be it the grain of the noble wood from which the body was built, the joy of the tricky function or the interaction of the components when placing them inside, the feel of the items themselves or the sound of the expedition cookers gas nozzles, the feedback of the locking bolt in your finger when snaps into position or the playfulness of the garbage bag holder - Camp Champ offers many aspects to linger and amaze, which in their totality make the field kitchen a very exquisite piece.


Time for a break

In our fast-paced environment in the midst of stress and deadline pressure, as well as professional and private necessities, the long-awaited opportunity to really take the time, just to enjoy the moment, often only is possible during travels. Camp Champ offers the great opportunity to cook extensively in the surroundings of choice and to enjoy your own creation on fine tableware. You have earned it.

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Camp Champ does equaly well as a practical garden kitchen

Multipurpose kitchen

Camp Champ brings the current cubist design trends of high end kitchen designers in a remarkable way straight to the point and is a simple cube when folded. This way your innovative kitchen can easily be transported to where ever you wish to pursue your culinary art. Whether garden, terrace, swimming pool, pool, boathouse or hunting lodge - your Camp Champ kitchen simply comes with you.

Camp Champ, die Kochstation zum draußen genießen

It takes a decision on everything, even to enjoy.

Eduard von Bauernfeld, österreichischer Dramatiker (1802 - 1890)

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The noble Companion



Camp Champ - The Cateringstation



The Great Outdoor´s Kitchen

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