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Camp Champ Küche im 4x4 Van für Abenteuerreisen
Camp Champ as a robust outdoor kitchen for adventure travel
The sturdy field kitchen


Camp Champ is weatherproof, the stove is next to impervious to wind, rain, cold and extreme altitude. When packed, the contents mutually interlock and the robust stand acts as a protective shell for the inner case to allow for maximum trail strength. Wherever your next expedition takes you, Camp Champ will follow!

Camp Champ is the trail proof off road kitchen for your expedition and world traveling needs.


The Explorers Kitchen

Camp Champ is short for Campaign Style Travel Kitchen Champion and pays homage to the great time of British expeditions. Camp Champ is therefore a real explorers' kitchen by heart and always ready to join you in your next adventure and to be your faithful companion on your travels.

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Camp Champ as overland kitchen with offroad trailer and roof tent
Camp Champ as rear kitchen in the Defender 130


The light yet solid construction, the expedition stove and the professional equipment make the Camp Champ kitchen absolutely suitable for everyday use even under demanding conditions such as expeditions. The pedestal, when packed, serves as a protective cage keeping the inner core safe from adversity.


"Go out into the world. She is more fantastic than any dream."

Ray Bradbury


Camp Champ cooking island on the beach in New Zealand
Camp Champ Travel kitchen on the beach with Jeep Wrangler

Powerful tool

The 4-burner stove is extremely robust and works with medium pressure. He is thus particularly reliable, insensitive to wind and tolerates cold and high sea level without too much loss of power. The industrial and commercial regulator with hose rupture protection ensures additional safety.


Stylistically confident

Whether safari in a classic off-roader, modern all-wheel truck or lorry based expedition truck, whether sled dog tour in Alaska, helicooking, extensive over landing tour or rally accompaniment - Camp Champ looks good everywhere.


Camp Champ as a cooking island with a view in Moab
Camp Champ Adventure kitchen with Landrover Defender 110 and lifting roof

Cook whereever you want.

Camp Champ is a mobile kitchen that lets you cook and enjoy exactly where you want it. What is your favorite place?


"We do not travel to escape life, but to make sure that life does not escape us."

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Camp Champ kitchen with feast in front of lake in Iceland
Camp Champ as Küchenelment next travel trailer with outdoor folding table and sink

Fully stocked

Do you like cooking too? But it is only real fun with good cooking tools and especially if the cooker has enough power reserves to sear instead of stewing and not wasting time by just boiling the water for the noodles. This said, the heart of the equipment is a sovereign expedition cooker. The rest of the equipment comes from filed of professional usage, so you don't have to miss anything when cooking outside.


Quality time with the family

Camp Champ houses good-looking and handy tableware for six people and is therefore also ideal for family adventures. Of course, you can cook for considerably more people - Camp Champ is also used very successfully in the professional catering sector.



Camp on Iceland tour with Camp Champ outdoor kitchen
Camp Champ as a cooking solution for family outings

added value

Zwischen Ihren Reisen können Sie Camp Champ natürlich auch im heimischen Garten nutzen und haben so ganze Jahr etwas von Ihrer Küche. Besitzen Sie mehrere Fahrzeuge, so lässt sich Camp Champ in jedem davon auf unterschiedliche Weise einsetzten. Egal ob Kombi-, Van -, Pick Up - oder Außenküche für Ihren Expeditions LKW, Camp Champ passt sich Ihrem Fahrzeug an. Angesicht der Reparierbarkeit des Korpus und der Haltbarkeit der Bestückung können Sie Ihre Küche in Ihrem Reiseleben von Fahrzeug zu Fahrzeug weitergeben und sich so langfristig so manche Ausbauten ersparen.

Kochen auf der Heckklappe mit Champ Champ Küche.jpg

Ready for your next big adventure?

Then go for it! Because when the time comes, in which one could, the one already passed, in which one can. (Marie of Ebner-Eschenbach)


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The kitchen for all occasions.



The stylish kitchen for your classic car.


Film & Television

The handy kitchen for celebrity chefs.

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