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Camp Champ wird mit weingen Handgriffen zum Reisegepäck
The Camp Champ kitchen is a versatile and functional furniture.
About the Camp Champ Kitchen

Then and Now -
Form Follows Function.

Camp Champ reinvents proven concepts from the "Golden Age of Exploration" and the "Wild West" era in a refreshingly new way, creating a highly expedient, self-sufficient and transportable kitchen system.

Camp Champ - The cooking island for the great outdoors, can be turned into a compact kitchen cube in no time.


The golden age of exploration ...

Camp Champ is short for "CAMPaign Furniture Style Travel Kitchen CHAMPion" and honors with a wink, yet with respect both the great time of British Campaigns, which headed out to the unexplored, remote parts on earth, often lasted for years and long term tested men and material ...



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The design was based, inter alia, on Chuck Wagons
The Camp Champ kitchen was designed as a sturdy travel furniture

... and the "Wild West".

... as well as the wild west chuckwagons, who served to feed the cowboys who spent weeks outdoors and pitched their camps there. The functionally designed Camp Champ kitchen furniture therefore sees itself as an excellent reference to the opulently equipped expedition furniture of the "Golden Age of Exploration" and as a highly functional grandchild of a rustic "chuckwagon" as a base camp kitchen.

Of course, it also works great for modern camping.


Exemplary equipment

Exemplary Equipment: Camp Champ's high class and functional kitchen equipment was selected with great care and especially designed to work together. Impressive burners with lavish performance and solid pans and pots meet proven blade steel and modern material blends at the multifunctional cutting board. A seperate large grill pan, which extends over two burners, is of course also on board. All sorts of practical helpers and fine tableware for six people complete the durable equipment. With this highly usable assortment, you can let your culinary creativity run wild and surprise your guests as well as take good care of them.

With Camp Champ's equipment its wonderful to cook

Ergonomic top performance

Camp Champ's well thought-out and carefully engineered kitchen body allows you to work in a back-friendly and extremely efficient way thanks to the unusual working height and the impressive detail solutions such as two integrated waste bag holders. The entire assembly is always handy, tidy and intuitive detectable in your arm reach . Cooking with Camp Champ is an extraordinary experience.



Order is half the life

The ingenious packaging artist Camp Champ houses the entire high-quality equipment in such a way that it is secured in it´s storage compartments and can not get mixed up or be damaged during transport. Each part has its fixed and optimized space in the kitchen element, so you safe time on looking for parts and cooking is a breeze, because all cooking tools are stowed neat, tidy and handy. Once used to it, you will not want to miss this system anymore.


Camp Champ stows all cooking utensils neat, clear and within reach

Packaging Artist

With just a few simple steps, you can turn the fully equipped kitchen module into an amazingly compact and portable piece of luggage. The outer shell slides over the kitchen core and acts as a robust and shapely protective cage. Camp Champ becomes a cube and perfectly sums up the current cubist traits of designer kitchens. By means of a cushion, the cube even becomes an additional seat. Covered by a separate protective hull, you can use Camp Champ as a field kitchen without hesitation for the next expedition, world tour or just to take to your friends for a garden party.

Camp Champ ist eine komplette und tragbare Küche in der Kiste

Start cooking at a new level

Whatever - Wherever


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Highlights of the Camp Champ Kitchen

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Made by artisans

Camp Champ handle detail


Technical data

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