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The Camp Champ kitchen is more than the sum of its parts

The magic lies always in the detail

If you want to revel in the whole, then you have to see the whole thing in the smallest (J.W. Goethe). This siad, here are some highlights of the Camp Champ kitchen, which will make cooking easier outdoors and on the go.

The Camp Champ's kitchen block ensures sophisticated cooking solutions thanks to ingenious details.



Innovative safety closures ensure that the stand, which serves as a strong protective cage in packaged condition for field kitchen use in hard everyday offroad and expedition applications, is firmly connected to the inner kitchen element.


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The two carrying handles are well in the hand
The closures ensure a secure connection


Despite the sturdy weight, which provides stability and durability and is more related to the opulent professional cooking equipment than the body, the Camp Champ has a light wood core and numerous holes for ventilation and additional weight reduction. Thanks to the two integrated handles, the Camp Champ kitchen can be easily carried by two persons.


More storage space

The front protection plate acts in kitchen mode as additional shelf on which you can store your purchases so you do not need to place it on the ground. If you only use the Camp Champ kitchen module as a rear kitchen in the van or on the bed of your Pick Up Truck, you can use the pedestal as a stand for your refrigerator or transform it into a chair using the supplied upholstery.


The cooking utensils are neat and handy
The protective plate serves as additional shelf

Optimum workplace

Once set up, the Camp Champ kitchen provides quick access to all your cooking utensils in surprisingly little space. Therefore, you everything right at hand, without having to bend over or searching long. Camp Champ provides a specific place for each item. Once you get used to the layout, you will be able to work extremely effectively with this cooking system.


Waste separation

For waste separation, the Camp Champ outdoor kitchen comes with two separately foldable garbage bag holders. It is particularly effective to cut standing at the front end, which creates more work space and locates the garbage bag right next to your working hand. (Right-handed persons right front end, left-handed left front end). The holder is also good for hanging on a tea towel and rumors say, it has been used as an I-pad and cookbook stand, as well.

All parts are secured inside for transportation
The practical trash bag holders ensure cleanliness


A very special highlight of the functional furniture and reason for the trail use capability is the fact that the equipment inside the kitchen block can to get messed up during transport, because each item is specifically secured during storage. This does not require a lot of additional work and is easy to do. Most safety measures automatically result from the design.


Material symbiosis

The chef's knives are made of high quality stainless steel. The cutting board is made of WPC, a wood-plastic composite that is soft and therefore blade friendly. This combination ensures that you have longer razor sharp blades without having to resharpen too often. Nevertheless, the board wears less quickly as either wood or plastic. The board is also dishwasher safe and heat-resistant.

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The tableware stands out through great feel
The devices are matched

Time tested

We have used the equipment of the Camp Champ kitchen for years in our private household as a permanent test. The pleasant weight and feel of the stainless steel cutlery is particularly striking. Here again the excellent edge retention of the knives convinced us.



From the catering needs: Good heavy stainless steel pots with sandwich bottom for even heat distribution. Suitable for induction when used as outdoor and indoor in larger RV´s with built in kitchen. Nevertheless, the handles can be removed to store the set to save space.


Barbecue is also possible
Professional cooling tools in the smallest space


The generously sized grill pan covers two burners. This creates two temperature zones on one pan. The griddle is torsion resistant and can stand the heat of the two burners. After all, here you have the power of a medium-sized gas grill on just one pan. Nevertheless, we advise special caution due to the resulting heat.



Although the 4-burner stove utilizes conventional refillable gas cylinders, it works with so called medium pressure vs. low pressure as used elsewhere. It delivers up to an impressive 4 kW heatload per burner and is insensitive to wind, sea level and cold. In terms of performance, this stove easily surpasses many built-in gas ovens.

The cleaning of the components is fast and easy
The cooker has a lot of power


Unlike ordinary stove, our rough expedition version basically consists of two aluminum tubs, which form a sturdy suitcase when folded together. The two pan shelves can be hooked out together with the Venturi ducts and burners, making the stove very easy to clean and every spot easily accessible.



The four control valves, with precisely adjust the astonishingly high performance of the burners, are recessed as well as the two gas connections, so that they can not break even in rough operation.

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CCamp Champ is weatherproof
The heatload is easy to ajust


The Camp Champ travel kitchen is made of triple varnished marine plywood triple varnished, therefore weather resistant and must not always be packed away from your camp. Let the kitchen just stand as a tower and simply encase it with the rain cover. Nothing can happen.

Camp Champ kommt mit umfangreicher Ausstattung auf Profiniveau


Camp Champ provides all the amenities of a good kitchen on the go

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