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Camp Champ, a tribute to the old English expedition travel furniture, was designed primarily for vehicle-based long-haul travel, picking up the needs of past adventures such as "First Overland," a journey from London to Singapore by car.
As a part of your equipment, the mobile cooking station Camp Champ can handle a lot of usage and takes up little space. From the front side, the Camp Champ makes a good visual impression, behind it's comfortable to work with for the chef. The kitchen furniture works visually and of course in practical use in almost any environment and can help to relax your crew.
Let us know what you are planning to do, we will gladly assist you and are in general interested in cooperations!

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Our sample videos show an episode of an adventure series in Iceland, Cuisine Lifestyle Chef Sascha recording for JagdundNatur.tv and Tom Waschat in WDR's "Feldküche" format. Sascha also uses his kitchen as a private chef, for catering and travel needs. More in the section "Adventure".

 Hier geht zur ganzen Feldküche Serie

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